FrontStream Success Story: World’s Greatest Shave

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“Artez is an affordable, flexible and robust system for Peer to Peer fundraising events. It can handle an event of any size, provides real-time tools for participants and for our customer account managers, and it doesn’t break. That’s the biggie – it doesn’t break.” Dave Simms, Head of Fundraising, Leukaemia Foundation.

Using FrontStream’s Artez Fundraising Pro platform, the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave has become one of Australia’s biggest and most popular fundraising events, with up to 100,000 Australians each March pledging to shave or colour their hair to raise funds for people with all types of blood cancers including leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

Total Raised
The event began in 1997 with a lone shaver and her friend shaving for a cure. The following year, the Leukaemia Foundation took the event on and raised an astonishing $800,000. Nineteen years later, World’s Greatest Shave regularly raises around $17 million each year, with a total of $213.7 million raised since 1998.

The event switched to the Artez platform in 2007, and in the last ten years, the Leukaemia Foundation has seen a huge increase in participation rates and donations, with over $158.9 million raised in partnership with FrontStream (almost 75% of the total $213.7 million raised since 1998).

Figure 1: World’s Greatest Shave Income (1998 – 2016).

Participants and Donors
Each year more than 350,000 people sponsor 100,000 shavers. Their average gift is more than $80 and a shaver typically raises $1200 per event. Women tend to raise more than men.

Why FrontStream?

Recognising that the public were (and are) wary of online security, this was a big factor for Leukaemia Foundation in choosing a platform. With FrontStream having PCI Level 1 compliance, Dave Simms noted that “…everyone appreciates how secure the FrontStream system is”

With the previous system crashing on the day of World’s Greatest Shave in 2006, Leukaemia Foundation were on the lookout for a new, stable and tested system. Artez fit the picture. The platform has proven time and time again and as Dave says, “…can handle our visitor load of nearly 100,000 visitors to the website on the days of the Shave events”.

The flexibility of the system was also a key determinant in the switch to FrontStream. For the Leukaemia Foundation fundraising team, the ability to rename and label fields, instructions, switch functions on and off as required, group participants into locations, teams, and even teams of teams, is incredibly powerful. According to Dave, this actually “…generates extra fundraising”.

Built in Email System
The built in email systems and suggested global donation amounts are key elements which have encouraged higher fundraising dollars. The system enables fundraisers to alter messaging to different audiences. As Dave Simms states:

This is vital for events such as multi-location sponsored walks, and the ability to show or hide elements during registration which can make the difference between a successful sign up process and a low conversion rate.

Participant Management Made Easy
The Artez system’s relationships tab offers direct access to key account information for the Leukaemia Foundation participant management team. This means the team can provide real-time support to participants in real time on the phone, fixing up any issues, looking up information and providing all the technical support they need straight away. As Dave Simms reflects:

The relationship is always between our people and our participants – no handing people over to an IT support team in another country. Good customer service equals more engaged fundraisers.

Who Benefits?
The Leukaemia Foundation have an unwavering focus on reducing the impact of blood cancer and related blood disorders by providing free practical and emotional support, and funding research to improve treatments and find cures. The Foundation also raises awareness of the impact within the community, advocacy, and contributing to the international blood cancer sector to improve quality of life for the person and their family.

Vision: Each year, we invest millions of dollars in our National Research Program to improve treatments and find cures. Research takes place in leading Australian hospitals and institutions, with a focus on research with the potential to improve quality of life and survival for people with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders. To ensure that the best quality research in the areas of greatest need is supported, our program is steered by an independent panel of leading Australian researchers and clinicians who generously volunteer their time and expertise

Mission: When blood cancer changes the lives of thousands of Australian families every year, we are ready to help them to face the challenges ahead. Many simple aspects of life become complex when a person is diagnosed. Our services help to reduce the burden on the individual and their family, so that they can focus on their treatment and the things they enjoy. All support is provided free of charge.

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